Behind the Scenes

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My wedding day was beautiful. I did not have all the pomp and colour I have seen in other weddings, it was not a million-dollar wedding, but to me, it was beautiful because of the journey that brought me to the day. According to me, everything went as planned, I was so happy that we started on time and ended in good time. I was all smiles, having my perfect dream wedding, with my perfect dream man. Days after the wedding, I talked to one of my organizers and got all the behind the scenes stories. I was shocked to know that not everything went as planned; we had some electrical issues and some guests’ drama that they handled in my absence. They made sure everything was up and running even without my knowledge, someone even paid to get my gifts delivered after our plan A did not work. This was news to me days after the wedding. I have heard crazier behind the scenes wedding stories that the bride and groom never were happening during their wedding.

I have been reading about the wedding at Cana (John 2:1-12) Jesus and His disciples had been invited to the wedding, His mother was also there. From my perspective, Jesus’ mother was a committee member, because when they ran short of wine, the servants came to her. The first miracle Jesus did was at this wedding where He changed water into wine. The miracle was between Jesus, the servants, and maybe some ‘committee members.’ The master of the banquet tasted the miracle and praised the bridegroom. The story ends without mentioning the names of the bride and groom, maybe some guests left talking about how beautiful the wedding was, without even knowing what had happened behind the scenes. Maybe the couple, later on, came to know that their wine actually ran out and a miracle happened; thanks to Jesus.

In our daily routines, so much is happening behind the scenes. Some of the successes we have right now resulted from unseen miracles that happened without our knowledge. God has used strangers to open up doors for me. I have received calls being invited to speak at places I never thought I would step in. then later on I come to realize a person I have never met recommended me. Behind the scenes miracles! Maybe someone right now is rooting for you in some meeting, someone you do not know. God has rescued you from accidents, God has saved you from toxic relationships, God has saved you from wrong paths, and Has made way for you: Behind the scenes. Right now, God is using people you do not know, in places you have never been in order to accomplish His purpose for you.

Do not be dismayed, God is always at work. Even when He is silent, He is at work. He never sleeps He never slumbers. Even when we cannot see it, He is working behind the scenes for our good. Things go right because God intervenes, and when things go wrong, He is still at work. Look at Joseph, who would have thought that something good could happen in prison, behind the scenes, God made sure the cupbearer and the baker were in the same jail with Joseph at the same time. Take time today and thank God for all the miracles that are happening behind the scenes. Maybe the wine you are enjoying is miracle water.


17 thoughts on “Behind the Scenes

  1. Wooow sometimes towards the end of last year I was having rough time at work, I new I could be interjected, but guess who worked behind the scene this God, yes I came to learn three months later that someone testified to my favor. I mean God sometimes sets us up to manifest himself in our lives. Thank Mrs Kedaha for being such an inspiration.

  2. Thanks for the great message from the woman of God.Have learnt to forgive my heart and wait upon Him.

  3. I like this “He is at work. He never sleeps He never slumbers. Even when we cannot see it, He is working behind the scenes for our good.” Thank you.

  4. Amen!such an encouragement to me right now…even when i dont see it Hes working.even when i dont feel it Hes working!Thanx Rawder!Barikiwa sana.
    Mama Dee.

  5. A nice read, I’ve heard testimonies of how God fought for me in situations I didn’t even know. God does work even when we not aware.

  6. Thank you Mrs. Rawder kedaha, you’re such an awesome woman.. Even as l continue waiting upon God for a marriage, indeed he’s working for me behind the scene. You waited upon God and she did for us. You’re blessed.

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