Behind Every Happy Mother…


History repeats itself. Behind every smiling and greatly motivated mother is a child who is playing some crazy tricks thinking the mother has no idea what is going on. The part of the story that I don’t get is that the tricks are quite similar to what I used to do. What happened to creativity? Can’t children come up with new stuff? Dont they know we have been there and done exactly that!
When I was ten I used to steal my mother’s sugar.  Yes, if you have been wondering why I am a very sweet lady, it is because I would consume lots of sugary stuff, forbidden or not. foods. I dont remember a day that I wouldn’t. I was caught quite often and I would  immediately swear that I hadn’t done it. Even before interrogation. Once I had evidence all over my face and fingers but still refused to admit that I had done it. I think I was part of the reason why she started keeping her sugar under lock and key, together with other valuables like jam, honey, blue band etc which I think I would also steal. Wait, does stealing sugar from your mother make you a thief?
My mother once shared that because having a boyfriend was forbidden during her time( She was not even allowed to talk to them, or to be seen walking In the same direction with a boy) they used to fool their parents. A boy would pass by the house and they start throwing insults at each other, but hey, they were giving each other direction and meeting places. Something like, ‘You fool, I will be going to the river at 3pm, and I don’t want to see you there!’ That was how they booked dates. Thinking they were fooling their parents, only for the parents to show up at the agreed venue!
So for my case, I  know that she knew everything that I was doing, and she just let me think that I am  ahead of the game. Not just with sugar, but also with changing my exam scores and taking other shortcuts. She has five kids, but could still know who did what? Then came the homework and delivering books to particular homesteads season, yet someone is just meeting with a boy.
Let’s fast forward to now. I only have one child for now, and we still debate on who threw vegetables in the dustbin and covered with papers. Seriously? I am my mother now, she knows she has to shower twice a day, so on those days she feels lazy and too tired to shower at night, she wets her towel and wipes her face, thinking that all I need is to see a wet towel as proof that she has showered. How old does she think I am, surely?
Then she has her least favourite chores, on  phone she has washed the dishes and made her bed and everything is perfect. But I know she does all that in one second when she knows I am almost home, because the evidence is everywhere.
Do I get mad when I am ‘fooled’? No. Sometimes I don’t even tell her I know the truth. I just let her feel good about herself then we laugh about it later. Does it bother me when I know I am being lied to? Yes, it does, a lot. But then I remember once upon a time I was the one fooling my mother. Would I want it to keep going? Of course not! But I would never allow her to think she can fool people and get away with it, no, even not immediately I make sure we talk about it. Not just talk, but laugh!
For everyone still fooling or being fooled. Enjoy while it lasts. But remember to correct with love.

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