Because I Really Want To…

#SoWillI 1/100

Ever heard of the popular quote ‘no one is too busy, everyone creates time for what they prioritize’? Nice, I just thought about it as I started writing this. This paragraph was not part of this article, but might make sense once you are done. Now move to the next paragraph, how I really wanted to start! (This is where my daughter will pause and ask, ‘Was this really necessary?)

Finally, I get to sit and write, without worrying about consistency. I have been reviving this blog since January 2022. Planning and then deciding I’m too busy right now with my babies. ( A lot has happened since I last posted here, my daughter is almost 15 and my son is 6 months) Actually, I’m doing this against all odds because I’m truly busy and tired!

Any time I fail to achieve a goal my husband tells me “ I know you! If you wanted to, you would have done it” I don’t always take that statement positively, but he is right. He has seen me go for meetings with the baby, cook ugali with one hand, edit videos all night, run to church to help out in ministry, record my show in the middle of pregnancy nausea and cook chapati on my due date. So yes, if I want to; I will.

If I were to write a list of reasons why I have no time for this and anything else that God is instructing me to do, I would. In fact last night I was asking God why He gives me certain assignments yet my hands are full. Then I quickly remembered that my hands are full of His blessings and if this makes me neglect Him, He might empty my hands. The instruction has been clear since January: a hundred articles this year! I have tried negotiating with God to reduce to 20, but He has insisted on 100. He even sent my friend June Bosire twice! So I asked myself. “ Do I want to?” And the answer was “Yes” so here I am; doing this. Praying that the Holy Spirit will guide me throughout the 100 posts. And… I also really want to.

Today I would like to remind you that you are not too busy or too tired to do what God has instructed you to do. Many times we are filled with excuses when it comes to godly things. The truth is, if you are reading this, you can pray, you can read the Bible, you can attend that fellowship, you can serve in ministry. You can do all that God has commanded you to do. He knows why He has given you that specific assignment, He knows you can do it! If your creator knows you can, who are you to doubt? Remember clay does not question the potter (Romans 9:21)

God provides the grace where He leads. The Bible assures us that we can do all things through Christ who gives us strength” (Philippians 4:13) What is God instructing you to do? It is not too late to start. Drop the excuses and go for it; you are not and will never be alone. With God on your side, you are qualified! Plus, look at the things in your life you have gone an extra mile to achieve. You can do it!

Jesus tells Martha in Luke 10:41-42 “you are worried and upset about many things, but few things are needed—or indeed only one. Mary has chosen what is better, and it will not be taken away from her.” What many things are worrying and upsetting you? Are they occupying the place of God in your life? In this fast moving world, it is easy to normalize hustling at the expense of investing in our relationship with God. It is easy to be too tired for God’s word. It is easy to have all scrolling through social media and no time to pray.

Today may the Lord help us to choose what is better. After all, if we really want to to do it, we will do it.


42 thoughts on “Because I Really Want To…

  1. Am blessed by that article,it is a matter of being intentional about everything.You are my number one motivation.So as you write the 100 articles am here waiting to read them.

  2. Indeed no one is too busy or tired to work on God’s assignment.Waking up call.Be blessed all time inspiration.
    No postponing the call.

  3. Guys come and see what the Lord is doing 🔥🔥
    What many things are worrying me?😢😢🤔🤔are they taking God’s place in my heart?🤔🤔
    God bless na Neema ikutoshe❤️❤️

  4. Guys come and see what the Lord is doing 🔥🔥 What many things are worrying me?😢😢🤔🤔are they taking God’s place in my heart?🤔🤔 God bless na Neema ikutoshe❤️❤️

  5. Rawder you are such an inspiration. We christians are too be busy to do what God wants us to..yet we know very well that he has a backup or if he want us to do it he will force us do it like jonah.

  6. Thanks for writing…I like that if you want you can do it..
    I am on maternity leave had purposed to read books, pray but do none just scroll social…it’s time like Mary I choose the right thing…thanks for posting..

    1. Thanks for speaking to me, there’s an assignment indeed i have always been postponing.May the Lord help me to reorganize myself and work on it.God bless you Rawder

  7. I’m reminded of how I’m ever online to an extent I forget to read and pray at some point…may God have mercy and give me the Grace 🙏

  8. I had missed this Rawder, I followed your blogs last year and was wondering what happened.Thank you for this

  9. Indeed if i really want to i can. Thanks for rhis sobering article. Blessings galore and more grace.

  10. Thanks Mrs. Kedaha, lately I have all kinds of excuses. And yes, we create time for what we value. If I’ve been able to read this, I can read the Bible, I can pray. Challenge accepted

  11. My hands are full…oh full of God’s blessings.
    I had missed your write ups.
    Cheering you on,more grace.

  12. Ohh yes!its easy to give excuses..i am guilty in some areas…And i can change..i will because i really want to.
    Thank you Rawder!
    You will make 100,then move on to more,in Jesus name!

  13. May God help me to be able to pray more and read the bible i fill drained and i have been trying to but as from this post I’ll start

  14. Thanks for the article. Our vision is connected to our purpose. God’s Grace is sufficient to see us accomplish our purpose.

  15. Thank you so much Rhoda for the comeback, I missed your inspirational posts & can’t wait for what God will lead you to share, I’m inspired.
    Congratulations too on your bundle of joy.

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