Because He said So

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She found the mayonnaise I had just bought and immediately said ‘Yuck’. I wondered if she had something against that specific brand, she has never tasted it, actually never even seen it. She immediately started a conversation with her cousin who had also reacted disgustingly. They started talking about foods and spices that are tasteless and gross. I got interested in the conversation because some of the things they were talking about they had never even touched. So why they are so sure that something they had never tasted was disgusting? I got the answer ‘Norris nuts said so’. Well ‘Norris nuts’ is one of their favourite YouTube channel. About some four kids who are fun and adventurous. I have watched a few of their videos, but at my age there are things that don’t excite me at all.

Back to my mayo. I tried convincing them to taste so that they can have their own opinion. But they said no. I couldn’t believe that Norris nuts’ opinions were so strong. If they said something was tasteless, then they took it to the bank. If they said an outfit was out of fashion, then it was. If they said something was fun, then it was. If they loved pets then we should also get a pet. If they tried a challenge, then we should also try. I mean their opinion was so powerful. It was final. I thought as a mother, or even aunt I would change their minds but no. I was not as cool, I was not as cunning and fun. Of course I banned the channel for some time because I discovered that my people were idolizing them.

This got me thinking of how much more I should believe and trust what God says. If He says ‘Do not’ then I should not question, I should take Him at His word. If He says this is what you should do. I should do it without thinking twice. His word should be final. But is that always the case? No. I find myself wanting to touch the untouchable to see how far I can go, if I will really be burnt, if God really said I would land in trouble. I find myself changing my mind; I believe at first but the people around me convinced me that the mayonnaise was good and I tasted just to be sure. Well, my two girls were firm. And I challenged them to believe the word of God in the same way, and even much more because He is God. Those kids on YouTube can change their mind, but God cant.

I’m reminded of the hymn ‘Tis so sweet to trust in Jesus’ My favourite line is ‘ Just to take Him at His word.’ In John 17:17 we are reminded that God’s word is true. We need no trials, we need no explanation. Even when we do not understand, we should trust God and believe in what He says. He knows what we go through, He has tasted the mayo, if He says it is bad, then it is bad for you. If He says it is good, then it is good. Just take Him at His word.


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