Be still; I wont bite you.

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Being in good books makes me very confident. When I know I have done the right thing and I am in the right track, then nothing shakes me, even when the future is blurry. I have seen a God who fights for the righteous; He vindicates those who trust in Him. It has happened to me severally, where I have been wrongly accused and presented with threats and consequences but I chose not to compromise my standards. God showed up and fought for me, using people I had no connections with. Today, be reminded that trusting in the Lord and keeping His commands is not in vain.

Daniel purposed in his heart not to compromise his standards, even in a strange land where he wasn’t known, even with scary consequences like being thrown in a den of lions. Daniel chose not to defile himself. (Daniel 6:1-28) Jesus was the center of his life; that is why the Bible records his daily routine ‘kneeling down facing Jerusalem from his window and praying to God three times a day’ He was not shaken by the threats and repercussions.

Maybe you stopped praying so that you don’t lose your job, you stopped reading God’s word because you will lose your family. Maybe everyone else around you does not honour God causing you to compromise your faith. Many people in the Bible were killed, despised, threatened because of their faith. Daniel was thrown in the den of lions. To me those are huge consequences, bigger than losing a job, losing friends and even losing a family. Look at Job, he lost everything and still did not compromise.

Everyone who held on to their faith in God had confidence that even death would not kill them. They knew that no consequence is above God’s power. Their faith was so key in their lives, that they knew fire would not burn them, lions would not bite them, the red sea would not swallow them, no amount of suffering would deter them from worshiping the true God.

Today be assured that trusting in the Lord is not in vain. Be assured that the lions will not bite you. Even death will not destroy you. Find confidence in knowing that your eyes are fixed on the Lord and no matter what happens around you, it is not bigger than God. Purpose in your heart that you will not compromise your faith to avoid any consequence: Be still and see the salvation of God. He will not put you to shame. Keep trusting Him. May the Lord be the center of your life, may He cause you to thrive in the fire and to sit in the midst of lions praising His name.


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