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Jacob and I have something in common. We both met God at a place of fear. In Genesis 27, Jacob takes Esau’s blessings from their father Isaac. When Esau realizes what had happened, he comes for Jacob’s neck, and so Jacob has to flee. He encounters God through a dream at a place called Luz. He finds assurance, a promise and security. He names it ‘Bethel’ He made a vow to God, that if He led him and kept him then he would serve Him fully.

Now to me, I gave my life to Jesus when my life was not making sense. I had made mistakes and thought that it was over for me. I had lost hope, I was scared, I was giving up on myself. Then God assured of me, promised me of His presence and I found security in being His child. I made a promise to God, that if He changes my story then I would live for Him and serve Him with all my heart.

Back to Jacob, 30 years later God commands him to go back to Bethel. (Genesis 35) A lot had happened in his life, he was a happy wealthy man now. Maybe he needed to reconnect with the Lord, idols needed to be destroyed, he needed to refocus by going back to Bethel: The place where he had his first encounter. Where he made promises to God.

It still happens in our lives; when we get born again, we are all fired up for God. Then after a few years we are moved back and forth with life’s happenings that can slow us down in our walk of salvation. Many of us were closer to God when we first encountered Him than we are now. Many of us are fading away slowly, not having a strong grip on God’s word.

We need to go back to that place where we first encountered God. Where we had a hunger and thirst for more of Him. Where we found assurance in His word and stood by His promised. Where all fear was gone. We need to go back and affirm why we got saved in the first place.

We need to go back to the cross of Calvary and make things right between us and God! God is calling us to go back to Bethel: where we first believed.


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  1. Very true… I had all along been a christian prostitute, but by the grace of God am slowly going back to bethel. Thanks for the word

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