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You guessed right, I have learnt this word ‘asymptomatic’ this season. During the COVID -19 daily updates, we have been told over and over again, that most COVID-19 patients in Kenya are asymptomatic meaning they have the virus but no symptoms are showing. At first we were told that this is a dangerous place to be, because this people are not even aware that they have the virus, they are moving up and about with their normal lives and may be a risk to those around them. On the other hand, it is a good thing because the asymptomatic people have a higher chance of recovering. We were also told, chances are some of us have the virus and are not aware, until we confirm through the tests.

Why I am I talking about this? When did I become an expert? Don’t worry; I have not woken up this early to talk about COVID -19. I woke up to talk about the many of us living in sin but it does not show yet: The asymptomatic sinners. Well, most sin does not show physically especially at first. Some people look so righteous until they confess. It makes us get comfortable in sin, it makes us confident in sin; after all, there is no coughing, no fever, no headaches and no difficulty in breathing, why should I wash my hands? Why should I stay at home? Why should I take precaution? That is why, it is no longer news to find a very ‘committed’ member of praise and worship fornicating, or a member of intercessory team stealing from the church funds: All because it does not show physically. It is sadly becoming the norm to confess that we are struggling with something, yet we are comfortably sinning because it does not show.

Why do we hide from man who only sees the outside and sin before God who sees and knows everything about us? God does not need to see physical symptoms, he is not only aware of the sin that is killing you but also knows all about the pre-existing conditions; those ones that we hide under the carpet as we confess to be working on the ‘less punishable’ ones.  If sin is a virus, then we all have it, and we are expected to confess our sins and deliberately change our ways, we are expected to resist the devil. Just because it doesn’t show physically does not mean you are safe. Maybe for now, it looks like safety from man’s ridicule, but you are not safe from God’s wrath.

Even those asymptomatic cases have been isolated, because they can be toxic to those around them. They are also being treated because the virus can escalate if the immunity lowers. So if you are walking around hiding sin, you are dangerous to those who look up to you, if you don’t turn back, the sin can escalate and destroy you. The wages of sin is death. Not just exposed sin, but also the hidden asymptomatic sin. The time to turn away is now. If you confess your sins God is faithful and just to forgive you and cleanse you from every form of unrighteousness.

Our God is merciful. He is so patient and kind. He is ready to restore us back to the right path. Let us repent while we still can. Our God cannot be mocked.


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  1. May God forgive me for deceiving n hiding in sin..Thanks rawder u have spoken so deep today I’m changed

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