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Growing up with my siblings, I was supposed to be the courageous one. I clearly wasn’t, my siblings were just using me to make their requests known to my father. (Thank God we have someone else playing that role now.) They made it worse by purporting that I was dad’s favourite. So many times, especially during the Christmas season, they would send me to inquire and request for Christmas gifts. I would walk to my dad with both my hands on my head saying “they are asking if you will buy us new clothes this Christmas” ( If you can, please translate to Swahili, it’s juicier) then my dad would say “we will see”. I would then walk back to my siblings, saying nothing because they would all have eavesdropped. So they would send me again, with my hands on my head, I would head to wherever my dad was, AGAIN! “daddy, they are asking if you will buy us sodas for Christmas”. That, ladies and gentlemen was how communication happened in our family.

Now, I have found myself behaving like my siblings over and over again. I sometimes look at people and think they are God’s Favourites. Then I start believing that if I give them my prayer requests, God will take them more seriously. I also tend to think they are holier than I, so when I have some guilt in me, or any feeling of unworthiness, I feel better sending a ‘Rawder’ to my father; now that I can’t eavesdrop, I wait patiently for feedback. I sometimes ask, “What did He say?” Well many times I don’t get the feedback I hope for, I am always told He will speak.. it’s disappointing because I can never be sure that my requests were made in the first place.

Other times, instead of focusing on God, I end up focusing on the person I perceive to be carrying my breakthrough. For example, that rich uncle who should get me a job, that friend who should help me out with my rent, that celebrity with many followers who should post my YouTube videos on their platforms or that CEO in a media company who should link me up with their friends.

God, in His word instructs us to ask. “Ask and it will be given to you…” (Matthew 7:7). “Ask whatever you wish, and it will be done for you.” (John 15:7). “If any of you lacks wisdom, you should ask God,…” (James 1:5) Just to mention a few. It is so clear that God looks forward to our requests, asking God means that we trust Him, that we believe in His power. It is okay to ask someone to pray with us, but we should not forget that we can ask for ourselves. No matter what you have done, our God is approachable, He says ‘ASK ME’ .

God does not consult any human being on how your life should go. He does not draw His powers from anyone. He will never fail to do something because a human being did not cooperate. His will is final. So ASK HIM. The ‘Rawder’ who looks courageous might just be as timid as we are, our faith may even be stronger than hers. God has no favourites, He loves you and I and we have full access to Him.

Today, ask Him. He has inclined His ear towards you.


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  1. Other than laughing about “how the communication happened in your home”, I have enjoyed the read as it has reminded me that I can approach my Father in heaven any time without having to depend on any one as a mediator since we already have one who plays that role for us.
    It was a good read. Keep writing and God bless you.

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