As We Forgive Those…

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Children really amaze me; from the great lessons I learn from them to the times I fail to understand them completely. I interacted with two siblings, one is six and the other four, so one of them wronged the other, it brought a lot of tears, wait, the one who was wronged was not the one in tears, it was the offender wailing because the mother was making him apologize to his sister. The little boy ended up being the victim, just because he could not say sorry to the sister. On the other hand the sister also declared that she would not forgive him even if he apologized. So, what did you do Rawder? Well, I introduced a game and we forgot about the case.  It amazed me how saying sorry, and forgiving someone can be viewed as a weakness, not just for children but for grown-ups as well.

There is a verse in the Bible that gives me shivers, it’s in Matthew 6:14 ‘But if you do not forgive others their sins, your Father will not forgive your sins.’ Like Paul, I admit I am a sinner, the chief of sinners, and I am always asking God for forgiveness and praying for total repentance. It bothers me to keep quenching and starving the Holy Spirit by doing the wrong things. Our great God who is full of mercy forgives me all the time, at times I get the peace immediately but at times guilt drags me around for some time. At the end of the day, I am assured that God is willing to show me His mercy. However, the above verse still scares me.

It is easier to ask God for forgiveness than forgive a human being, easier to receive mercy than show it to another, easier to be loved, hard to love others as ourselves. God expects us to learn forgiveness from Him, the Lord’s prayer also says ‘Forgive us our sins as we forgive those who sin against us’ I am not always confident saying that part, because deep within I know maybe there is someone I have a grudge against, someone I haven’t let go. We are slowly normalizing receiving mercy and not giving it. God is calling us today to forgive, to let go of the records of wrong we have kept against each other.

Maybe you are looking at the magnitude of the wrong done against you, or wondering where to start. God knows exactly what you are going through; He knows what you are feeling and understands the magnitude. He is still the same God who also forgives you for the sins you commit daily; He does not punish you as your sins deserve, He is your only help. Ask Him to teach you, to help you and give you a heart that forgives. Remember when you forgive others, it frees you, it takes a burden off your shoulder. We are assured of God’s forgiveness, but are we willing to extend the same mercy to others?

Forgive someone today, yes that one you have been avoiding to talk to, forgive them.


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  1. In the scriptures in {Numbers 20:1-13}, Moses was angered at the people of Israel because of their disloyalty to God and the wrath and anger of God was about to wipe out the idolatrous and rebellious people of Israel. They quarrelled with Moses and Aaron due to their hardship in the wilderness. But because of Moses interpose his own life between the people and God through interceding for them, God Heard him and spared them from His destruction.
    {God is merciful}; God commanded Moses to speak to the rock and it would gush water out,but Moses disobeyed God and instead struck the stone twice – There at the border of Canaan , Moses learnt that he would always need the forgiveness of God himself,No matter how long he had followed him.
    You need forgiveness for as long as you live,and it’s only when you learn these lessons of forgiveness they transform hi Jim ni just 8i888î8life. When Moses learned the lesson of forgiveness, God said of Moses in(Numbers 12:3), that you’re meekest , most humble person on earth.
    N\B; The lesson of forgiveness are the ones that opens the gates of paradise.
    N/B; when we encounter wilderness moments ,we should learn the lesson’s of humility, patience and forgiveness. God acknowledges our need for forgiveness,

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