As Always


According to my husband, the following are three things that I always do:

  1. I always take photos
  2. I always note down everything
  3. I always leave the lights on

The list can be longer and at times the word ‘always’ is exaggerated. But if he was to write a book about me, then those things will definitely appear. Especially the first one; it is possible that I take more than ten photos daily. What about you, if we were to ask your closest friend to name three things you always do, what would the list look like?

Here are examples of people in the Bible and what they were known to always do:

  1. Mary and Joseph always went to Jerusalem every year for the feast of the Passover (Luke 2:41)
  2. Daniel always prayed three times a day, giving thanks to his God. (Daniel 6:10)
  3. In Nazareth, Jesus always entered the synagogue on the Sabbath, and stood up to read. (Luke 4:16)
  4. David always inquired from the Lord (1 Samuel 30:8 )
  5. Job always offered burnt offering to the Lord after a period of feasting (Job 1:5)

For the Bible to record this ‘always’ habits, it means that what we always do is important. Our habits are a reflection of who we are. Maybe its time to write down what we would like our ‘as always’ statements to be. They should include what God commands us to always do: To always pray, to always meditate on His word, to always trust in Him, to always forgive…

Today I pray that God will change your ‘as always’ to reflect Him in your life. That words and phrases that describe you, will not be outside what God expects you to always do. That He will grant you the wisdom and grace to cultivate habits that bring glory to His name.


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