Are you Troubled?

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Most of the time my face is sad it’s because of very personal matters, and on such occasions only those who are very close to me notice. But that’s not the point; everyone gets sad, at some point, caused by disappointments hurt pain, confusion, lack and many other reasons. Maybe you can take some few seconds and think about things that make you very sad. In this season, the pandemic has caused a lot of sadness since many projects have stalled. Mostly people talk about family, businesses, careers and education. One thing I have leant is not to dictate what hurts people, everyone is in control of what hurts them and all we need to do it be there for them in prayer and any other way we can.

Now let’s talk ministry, how are things going on in the church? Do we still care about what we were called to do for God through others? Someone just told me that there is no calling that is confined to a church building. That there’s always a way we can fulfill God’s purpose no matter where we are. Many of us say that we are missing church, which can be understand I also miss the aspect of fellowship and community. But not attending church services physically is not a reason why you should cease being an intercessor or Bible study leader. Maybe this season is also making us realize our calling and causing us to be concerned about ministry.

My friend Nehemiah was at one point very sad, even the king noticed that he was not okay. Well everything in the palace was going on well, but he had been told that things in Jerusalem were not so good. This really troubled him, this meant that God’s commandments were not being upheld. He knew he needed to do something but did not just rush to the king: Nehemiah prayed about it. He was ready to be used of the Lord. He then asked for the kings help which he was granted. (Nehemiah 2) We later come to see him take the leadership role in the rebuilding of the walls of Jerusalem.

I have been challenged by the fact that, just knowing things are not okay made him sad. I am challenged by his concern about the things of God and his willingness to serve. Now that ministry is not ‘normal’ and things may have stalled, does it concern you? Do you pray asking God to lead you and show you your role in this season?  Have you even made calls to ask how things are?

Well, may God give us such concern, that we will not sit and wait for church services to resume, but we will play our roles where we are as the salt and light of the world.


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  1. Very true…its my prayer that I know my role during this season.. Thanks rawder God bless u

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