Are you still maintaining your integrity?

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Yesterday I thought about Job, the upright and blameless man. He got into trouble because God was boasting about him. So I thought, could God be boasting about us hence the corona virus? No, I don’t think I am at Job’s level; he went through the unbearable and still stood faithful. He made a choice to stay true to his God even when his wife advised him to deny God. This man had not done anything to deserve all this. I still struggle with the fact that his children died and later own he was given other children, well, they are not the same! (That’s just me in Job’s shoes) Why go through all these yet you are blameless and upright? Or should it really be a question or a statement. He went through all these because he was blameless and upright.

The reason Job did not back out was his confidence in the Lord. ‘I know that my redeemer lives, and that in the end he will stand on the earth.’ (Job 19:26) Knowing that he could probably die from the pain did not move him, he still said. ‘And after my skin has been thus destroyed, yet in my flesh I shall see God,’. At this point, I would support him if he gave up, but only because I look at myself, what I think I would endure and what would make me snap. The problem is; I am limited. Job could not even find confidence in himself anymore, in his wealth, in his family, in his friends, all his confidence came from God. The one who is not limited: The one who lives forever.

A time like this when the corona virus has invaded our world, are you still maintaining your integrity? Are you still walking the talk? We all have a choice to make; either stand firm and live, or curse God and die. It is so personal that even the person closest to you cannot decide for you. Job made his choice despite his wife’s advice, despite his friends’ advice. He made a choice leaning on the fact that ‘His redeemer lives’ He chose to endure the pain and uncertainty; he chose to believe that God was aware and He will surely show up. He had no idea what was happening behind the scenes but was confident in God. He chose to maintain his integrity.

The test has come closer home, we are fighting a pandemic as the world, but the bigger fight is personal. The numbers are worrying; the virus is fatal and is spreading fast. Some have already lost loved ones, lost jobs, lost wealth and some are sick in hospital. We can talk to one another and share articles here and there, we can tell others what to do. But at the end of the day, each one of us has a choice to make: To love the Lord with all our hearts minds and souls or to blame him, walk away and try fight the battles on our own. The choice is yours. Chose to maintain your integrity.


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