Are People Laughing at you?

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Noah was told to build an ark, at a time when there was no rain or sign of rain. It is one of the most challenging directions in the Bible. But He obeyed. If Noah lived in the current times, he would trend for the entire time he was building the ark. People would travel to see him just to laugh some more. Someone would go live on their pages, with a funny caption. I see analysts sitting down to discuss whatever he is suffering from. Maybe someone would even go to court to stop him. But I know Noah would still keep building, obeying every direction; facing fears and ridicule.  Noah did everything just as God commanded him. (Genesis 6,7)

Remember Nehemiah? From the beginning of his obedience, Nehemiah faced ridicule from Sanballat, Tobiah and their sympathizers. Lies were spoken against him, and people opposed the fact that he was rebuilding the walls. Nehemiah took note of his enemies, but their opposition did not deter him. He had every reason to give up, but He chose to keep on rebuilding. He did not argue with his enemies, he kept praying and assuring the people that God’s presence was with them. In the end we see victory. I have not been I any leadership class that left Nehemiah out. He is a great example of great leadership. (Nehemiah 4)

Then there is Mary, oooh, you know I love Mary. Mary was told that she will carry a child, yet she was a virgin. Through her I learn obedience. It will look really bad in the society, people will not believe me, I might lose my man, the wedding preparations might be called off, I have never carried a child, so I don’t know what to expect, we had not planned for this now, I might lose very close friends, there might be some name calling; But if it is the Lord who has commanded, I will do it anyway. (Luke 1)

God has given us big dreams and ambitions. Ideas that scare us. Maybe He has commanded you to start a project, a ministry, an organization that is beyond your bank account, beyond your level of education, beyond your years in salvation. Maybe as you read this, you already shelved it and you keep saying you will go back some day. More so, maybe you let go because of the ridicule, people laughed at you, you were discouraged by friends and  family, experts said you cannot make it, you looked at your finances and gave up. The risks appeared to be bigger than you thought. Well, those are good signs, you belong to the same WhatsApp group with Noah, Nehemiah, Mary, Abraham and all the people who did the unimaginable by faith. Go for it. If the instruction is from God, He will see you through. It belongs to Him, It does not depend on your power or expertise, It depends on Him. We all know He never fails.

God created each of us with a purpose, and we can only fulfill it in Him. Through His power. Today I need you to know that God’s presence is with you. You can do it through Christ who gives you strength. Don’t argue with those who are laughing at you, don’t focus on the ones who are saying you cannot do it. As they laugh, be assured. They say Noah looked like a fool until it started raining’ So keep building, keep rebuilding. The rains are almost here.


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