All That Glitters…

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We used to play a game with children where we would wrap many gifts of different colours, shapes and sizes. The best gift would be of the smallest size and with a dull colour. When the children would be told to each pick a gift, there would be chaos. They all wanted the big box, wrapped in the best wrapping paper, often with glitter. The small gift would be ignored and picked by the last child reluctantly or most times not even picked. After unwrapping, chaos would erupt again, because the ones with bigger colourful boxes would find a toothpick or a chicken’s feather, yet the one with the smaller ones would find toys and even money. We would then proudly share the lesson with the children that not all that glitters is gold.

As human beings we are limited only to the outside. We go for jobs that seem glamorous only to suffer in them. We run after men and women who look like they have just fallen from a magazine and then later discover their character is wanting. We go after friends who seem to have it all, and they turn us into slaves. When it is big and glamorous, it might be a feather. At times, we also go for the big and it turns out well, exactly what we wanted. The secret lies in knowing which box to pick: without being fooled by your eyes. It is not a song you sing to guess better, the decision is not made based on experience; you cannot bribe your way into it. The only way out is depending on God for direction. He speaks to those who care to listen. He directs those who care to obey.

In the book of Judges 16, Samson falls in love with a woman in the valley of Sorek, whose name was Delilah. He was driven by passion, desire, lust and romance. His parents warned him against pursuing both the Philistine woman and Delilah, but each time he defied them. In the end, Delilah is used by the lords of the Philistines to convince Samson to share the source of his strength. Maybe Delilah did not look like the type to betray, she was too beautiful to betray Samson. Maybe in Samson’s eyes, any lady would kill to be with him forever, and none can try to destroy him. But it did not turn out well for him. Well, he is later on restored by the Lord. But this season teaches us a n important lesson.

Do not reject Godly counsel in the name of what your eyes can see. Even our hearts mislead us, the Bible says the heart of man is desperately wicked. Please don’t listen to your heart. Don’t follow your gut. Don’t walk by sight: Especially in this error of social media where everyone is looking so perfect online. Instead, listen to the voice of the Lord, the closer you are to Him the clearer it will be. Walk by faith, the substance of the things we hope for. God is able to give you specific instructions on every matter, just as he did for Noah. God is able to open your eyes so that you don’t run for that which glitters, but you run for the gold even if it is covered by mud.

May the Lord help us all.


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