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Yesterday I visited a friend, well, she wasn’t my friend before yesterday, I have known her as my distributor of palazzo pants, and before yesterday, I wouldn’t say I have gone to visit her, I had actually passed by to see if she had any new arrivals. But by the time I was leaving her shop, I could boldly say that I had gone to visit my friend and we spent over an hour talking.

She gave me a skirt to fit, and when I came out of the fitting room, she was very impressed. She told me how great and young I looked. But when I looked at myself, I saw a sixteen year old, I looked like my daughter: Young cool and hip. So I said no to the skirt. Our stories began when I told her that I have a daughter; that was shocking to her, since I started buying stuff from her, she thought I was a teen in a nearby university. She was even more shocked to learn that I was married. I told her part of my story and how God had kept me and provided even when I thought I had failed in life.

She became comfortable with me; in the midst of shock she also shared her story, her ups and downs, her current struggles, her journey, the effects of covid-19 on her business. I realized that we had some similarities in our stories, we connected very fast and I couldn’t believe that after all this time of buying pants from her, she had such a background. She also shared how she started her business from nothing, how she makes some prayers hoping that God will hear her. I shared about my past and present desires, and how God’s grace and faithfulness kept me.

God gave us ample time to encourage one another and pray with one another. For a moment I forgot about the pants, I was no longer a customer but a friend, a prayer partner. No other customer came to the shop until the time I was leaving. I left in prayer, asking God to come through for my friend, to draw her closer to Himself, to turn things around for her family and her business. Once at home, I smiled looking up, because I knew that it was God’s plan, He knew we needed each other and connected us. He sent me there not for pants, but for refreshing; He refreshes those who refresh others. My friend and I were both refreshed. Our chats will no longer be just about pants, but about prayer and encouragement.

Today in the midst of your plans, you will hear God’s voice, telling you to wait, to talk, to listen, to ask, to share or even to pray. Don’t hesitate, God orders the steps of His children. May He turn your day around and connect you to someone who needs refreshing. May you be willing to forsake your plans and be an encouragement to someone. May you be spiritually alert today, to know exactly what God wants you to do: May He give you the first word. Don’t be afraid, if you are willing, God will give you space.


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