I have a heart for children. We always find each other everywhere i go. God has called me into this Ministry for His Glory.When am not with other peoples’ children,then i am with my baby-My Treasure,My angel -Sharleen.


Lead children to an ever growing personal relationship with Jesus Christ.


To connect with children, and play a role in connecting them to Christ. Interact with teachers and children workers, share knowledge and materials for greater impact in children ministry.


Out of the Mouth of Babes… #AllForGod


As usual they walk in studio a bit shy and I start making silent prayers, ‘God please make them talk when I switch on the microphone, because if they don’t, I might not make sense on air.’ I proceed with the normal preparations as we count down minutes to 8:00am. With children you can never said you are prepared, they sometimes bring out the unexpected. Once I had ‘prepared’ to discuss about the attributes of God, but we ended up talking about Noah’s ark. Of course God makes things work out so well, the listener never knows we are out of topic.

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