A Scarf A Day!


46493688_1569912163154946_8154552374225010688_n I kept wondering how to keep her busy during this holidays, without forcing or causing the third world war. Sometimes my suggestions are not fun, other times am told they are old school; she obeys reluctantly. Apparently, my husband has already been elevated to more fun, adventurous and exciting. So I told him to take charge of the holidays. Before we even came up with an idea, Sharlene spent a week at my sisters place and came back with a beautiful scarf. I did not pay much attention, I thought it was my sister’s.

A few hours later she started claiming that she made the scarf herself. The dad was happy, he immediately started praising her and asking for requirements to make another one. Oh me of little faith, I did not believe, I had to call my sister to confirm ( it made her a little bit sad) Even after the confirmation, I did not agree. And so the challenge: ‘A Scarf a Week’ She wanted to prove me wrong and make the father happier, she used some of the remaining yarn to start crocheting another one. Three days later, it was done. I was sent for more in town. You should have seen me buying thread like there is no tomorrow. It is such a joy, I don’t even feel like that when buying food. I kept reminding myself that there’s no way she can crotchet and watch TV at the same time. So this hobby is reducing TV time and making her very productive.

So what are we doing with the scarfs? She categorically stated that she will not sell or give out  her first scarf, because it was the first. For the rest, she is willing to sell. When we asked for the price, I thought she would ask for less, ladies and gentleman believe you me, today’s child knows money! She was even charging for the pain and numbness on her fingers after crocheting for a long time. So that she gets money for hand massage. We had to sit down and agree on more affordable prices for the scarfs. I never knew my daughter would wake up and head for her incomplete scarf to continue with her work, and it would be the last thing she does before she sleeps. It is happening now! At least she is not neglecting her other responsibilities.

It requires discipline and a lot of support. We find ourselves learning other ways of crocheting and finding new designs. We have to buy materials and allow her to explore. There is a cost. We have learnt to give her the gift of boredom. Switching off the TV. Taking her away from some usual entertainment and fun. She comes out innovative and creative. When I was a child, we used to make our own toys, produce and act out our own movies, have made up kitchens and cook grass. Let us not deny our children that room for creativity buy exposing them to too much television and internet.

There’s something in your child, something unbelievable, a great level of creativity, support them in discovering and nurturing their gifts, talents and passions. As for me and my house, we are now selling scarfs. Kila scarf na bei yake!

11 thoughts on “A Scarf A Day!

  1. Encouraging our children to explore their talents is fun, believe you me it comes with a cost. What if they love nature like myself, adventure trips every other holiday. It’s fun.
    Thanks for the great highlights.

  2. Actually you are the best mother, I’ve never seen a parent who follows the behavior of her child like you do, all the best for her

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