A Prayer To Hear

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Thank you Lord for today, Thank you for another day to rejoice and to be glad in you. Today we are grateful that you are a God who speaks. We are glad that you desire to speak to us every day; you are willing to guide us in spirit and in truth to obey Your Word and enjoy an abundant life. Thank you that you have given us ears that hear your voice. We desire to hear more of you and less of the world.

Lord, forgive us for coming to you with wrong motives, pretending to hear from you yet we really want to show off. Forgive us also for demanding you to speak in a certain way instead of flowing with your will upon our lives. Forgive us for esteeming other voices above yours and not being swift to do what you instruct us to do. Help us to avoid the voice of temptations of this world from people who do not know you. Today Lord, we admit that your voice is supreme, you are our creator and you have the manual. You are the Alpha and Omega, all knowing and all powerful God. Your voice is all we need. Your instruction is all we need. Speak to us O Lord.

Your Word says your sheep know your voice and follow you. Help us to know your voice O Lord, that we will we will not be deceived by strange voices. Help us sieve out the voices of the world and to obey your voice each and every day.  We pray for clarity, that we will develop a close relationship with you. That we will be close enough to hear your instructions clearly. Empower us with your Holy Spirit, to hear you in all seasons, to meditate on your word in your presence, to long for your direction.

We recognize that you speak in many forms. Today may we not be choosey but consider every still small voice that speaks to us. Create in us clean hearts and renew the right spirit within us, renew our minds and make us whole. Cleanse our hearts and minds from every clutter and replace them with true thoughts that reflect God’s purposes. Help us to intentionally and expectantly listen to you each day through creating time for your word and prayer. You have told us that you will draw close to us when we draw closer to you. We therefore draw closer to you so that we can hear from you

We seek to hear from you today, for correction, instruction or guidance. Give us wisdom to discern your voice and act on it.


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