A Potential Opportunity

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I was not okay, I was feeling very sad because of how my night had turned out. I was not only sad but tired, nobody could help me at work, actually I had a lot to do as well, so I sat at my corner and continued with work, but my heart was not at peace. At some point I felt thirsty and had to go for some water in the kitchen, that’s when someone stopped me, a colleague asked me if I was okay. Well, my personality is always okay, I am a happy soul, it takes very keen eyes to see beyond my smile. So I told them that I was actually not okay because my daughter fell sick at night and I rarely had enough rest. She sat me down prayed with me. To me, that was a great relief, that’s all I needed, someone to pray with me and remind me that God cares.

Sometimes all we need to do is talk to the person besides us and ask if they are okay, sometimes all we need is to share what we have with that neighbor. Many times we underestimate our help and concern thinking that the people around us all want money, and lots of it. Each one of us is a potential blessing to someone, maybe they need those words, maybe they need prayers, maybe they need fifty shillings and maybe they just need someone to notice that they are not okay. That ‘little’ help, that ‘little’ concern can go a long way in restoring someone’s hope. There are people around you who are hurting and they are looking for some form of attention. Are you available to encourage someone today?

God has given us each special gifts and talents to equip us to glorify His name. We are all good at different things and that is how we complement each other. The body functions well when each part plays its role. (Romans 12:6)  We ought to respond to the opportunity to be a blessing to someone; we need to offer ourselves as encouragers to our neighbours. We need to be willing to use the opportunities that present themselves to us. God has given you all it takes to be a vessel, to be used as a source of hope to someone. Are you willing to give your time, your attention, your money and your advice? Are you spiritually alert to discern when the person next to you is in need?

You have the capacity and skill to love your neigbour and make a difference in their lives. The opportunities to help out are all around us. We need to be courageous and willing to step into opportunities like the Good Samaritan and make a difference. You are not too small to express love. God will open an opportunity for you to be a blessing to someone today, will you see it?


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