A Lesson From my Sister

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We knew that a special visitor was coming, so in my mind as usual I was thinking about the cleanliness of the house and what he will eat. Oh yes it was a ‘he’. I am the first born, I take responsibility and I am known as a very hardworking industrious person. I rose up very early to clean up every part of the house and then started cooking. There was so much to be done in the house, as I have mentioned, it was a visit from a special guest. While I was still running up and down, he showed up. ‘Oh my! What do I do? I haven’t even cooked chapatis, the chicken was still boiling, I had to rinse the plates one more time and here I was still preparing the vegetables.’ I started panicking. My panic then turned into anger because ‘I HAVE A SISTER!’ Maybe you are wondering why I have not mentioned her. Well, because she was doing nothing! Well, I love my sister so much, but at that moment, I wondered if she was normal. Why couldn’t she help out?

She saw me run up and down, she knew all the work that needed to be done, but as I walked past the living room I saw her seated with the guest. I was furious, irritated and angry ‘do some people even think?’ this was not the time for laziness, I could use some help in the kitchen. While still practicing my multitasking skills, I stepped on hot coal. Enough was enough! I stormed into the living room and because the guest was our family friend, I thought I could ask him to allow my sister to come help me out. After all she was being selfish. If she couldn’t use common sense, then maybe our guest would help her see how inconsiderate she was.

To my surprise our guest actually defended my sister. He said that I worry and get upset about so many things, that what I was doing was important but my sister had chosen to do something more important, sit with him. I was in shock; does he know what is going on in the kitchen?  Would the food prepare itself?  If I also sat down, what will the people eat? Who would make sure things are done in that house? Well, I did not say it loud; I really respected this particular guest, his opinion really mattered. So I went back to the kitchen, served what I could, and joined my sister in the living room. (Yes, the guest said what I was doing was important, so I had to complete the task) About my sister, I decided to square household matters with her once the visitors had left. Truth be told, time spent with him was much more precious and fulfilling than all the time I spent in the kitchen.

Hello, my name is Martha, my sister’s name is Mary. Above is my version of what really happened the day we hosted Jesus. Read the real story in Luke 10:38-24. All you need to know that it ended really well. I learnt to always get my priorities right, many things are important and should be done, but my relationship with God should always come first. I am still hard working; I make sure all my chores are done, but the time I spend with God is more precious and I always give it priority over everything else. By the way, after some time, my sister and I ran to Jesus when our brother Lazarus died, and he was resurrected. We were glad we spent time with Him and got to know Him. Where else would we have run to?

Please learn from me before you get angry, tired and frustrated. You have a list of things to do today, all of them are important and have to be done. But you need to know that time spent with God is more important and must also be done. Prioritize quite time, prioritize reading God’s word, Prioritize prayer. In other words, seek first the kingdom of God and His righteousness, and all the other important things will fall into place.


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