#1 Abby Kimani


Abby kimani is 9 years old, she is the most energetic girl I know. Always ready to venture in new adventures and yearns for knowledge. Talking to her, makes me feel like she is thrice her age. Above all she is very dedicated to Gods work. She reads the treasure hunt bulletin on Hope FM every Saturday morning?
1. What does your name mean?
Abby: Abigael means ‘Fountain of Joy’
2. What would you like to be when you grow up?
Abby: A TV reporter.
3. How much do you want to get paid?
Abby: Something like ksh. 5000 per month.
4. Who has a better job, mom or dad?
Abby: All jobs are good, I cant say which one is better.They both have good jobs.
5. What are the three most important things for a wedding?
Abby: Rings, a gown, and love.
6.  Do you think Kenya should have two presidents?
Abby: No! One is enough. If we have two they can disagree on rules and cause conflict n the country.
7. Who is a leader?
Abby: A leader is someone who leads people, guides them and trusts in God.
8. Why do babies cry when they are born?
Abby: Because they have been in the womb for so long and they have now been exposed to the air. They also cry because they are not in the womb any more.
9. what should grown ups stop doing?
Abby: Grown ups should dress well. If I had the authority I would tell all those grown ups who don’t dress well to become christians.
10: Which is your best memory verse?
Abby: Phillipipans 4:13 ‘I can do all things through Christ who gives me strenght’

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  1. Abby Kimani is this girl who is bubbly, and loving. She loves God. She is discerns deeply.She takes on challenges without thinking impossible. Committed to whatever task she is given and works through to accomplish. She is a radio news anchor on children matters on hope FM and aspires to be a TV anchor plus more. She loves riddles and ‘kids did you know facts’

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