#5 Levin Papito

9-year-old Levin Papito is bold! Very fun to be around and carries an ‘all grown up’ aura around. He plays the role of big brother pretty well. He goes to Sukari Presbyterian academy. We had a conversation that led to my #Random10QuestionsForTheUnder10
1.What is the best gift you have ever received?
Levin: iPad, I use it to play games.
2. If you were to give a gift to ever child in your school, what gift would you give?
Levin: Books, and a bible. Because they can’t stay without books, and sometimes to get Bible questions right.
3. What is the hardest thing about being blind?
Levin: You can’t see, you can fall in a hole.
4. When do you want Jesus to come back?
Levin: Soon, like now!
5. What should Kenyans stop doing?
Levin: Kenyans should stop fighting, because of politics.
6. Which subject in school do you think will not help you in school?
Levin: None, all of them will help me become a judge.
7. Do you think your body needs vegetables everyday?
Levin: Yes, because vegetables provide vitamins, which makes my body immune to diseases.
8. Do you save money?
Levin: Yes, I save  because I want to buy a phone.
9. Between men and women, who are the wisest?
Levin: Men, because they are brave!
10. What is your favourite memory verse?
Levin: Luke 1: 37 ‘For with God, nothing is impossible’


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