#4 Ryan Lekishon


17200602_832805523537338_1498920988_oVery disciplined young man I must say, he is only 7 years old but has a sophisticated look, like he has written books and has enough experience to be the president. As we converse, I notice he is not quick to answer, but first understands the questions, with long pauses then speaks with wisdom triple his age.  Meet Ryan Lekishon, as he answers my #Random10QuestionsForTheUnder10
1.If you are elected president today, what is the first thing you would do?
Ryan: I will make Kenya a better place, by collecting cans that are thrown everywhere and put them in a big store, and get a lot of money from recycling them.
2. What makes you really happy?
Ryan: A holiday in Mombasa.
3. What are you looking forward to see in heaven?
Ryan: Angels praising God.
4. Which is the best career in the world?
Ryan: Banking, because you count people’s money and they pay you well, like Ksh.300 per month.
5. Who is the richest person in Kenya?
Ryan: The president of course, he has a lot of money.
6. Why do people get married?
Ryan: Because a man without a wife will get lonely, and he wont get any children.
7. If you had the power to change something in your school what would you change?
Ryan: I would let the children play for 10 minutes after eating.
8. If God was to give you two things instantly what would you ask for?
Ryan: More life and to be happy everyday.
9. Who are wiser between men and women?
Ryan: It is hard to tell, both are wise.
10. Which is your favourite memory verse?
Ryan: Nahum 1:5 ‘ The mountains quake before him and the hills melt away.’


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