#4 Crystal Wanjiru

17122064_831601543657736_200627197_oHave you ever met a group of kids, but one stands out so tall, I mean really confidently tall. That’s Crystal Wanjiru, 8-year-old beauty I met recently. She goes to Jabali Christian School. One look at her I knew she is my next princess, apparently she had dressed the part for my #Random10QuestionsForTheUnder10
1. Must a princess have a prince?
Crystal: Yes, a princess must have a prince because they need to make a big family.
2. How do you differentiate right from wrong?
Crystal: I know what is right by reading the Bible.
3. Whom would you like to meet first in heaven?
Crystal: I would really like to meet Jesus and ask how it feels to be nailed on the cross.
4. What can women do that men cannot do?
Crystal: Men cannot give birth, and they cannot even breastfeed.
5. What should they stop showing on TV?
Crystal: They should stop showing bad songs and naked people.
6. Must girls use make up?
Crystal: No, they should know that make up actually spoils their skin.
7. If you were a teacher, what punishment would you give?
Crystal: I would tell those who break rules to lift up their hands until the lesson is over.
8. What would you choose between watching TV and spending time with your best friend?
Crystal: I would choose TV, I really love cartoons.
9. If you get 5 million shillings today, what would you buy for your mother?
Crystal: A car. A pickup ford ranger and a new phone.
10. Share your best memory verse.
Crystal: John 1:5 ‘ The Light shines in darkness, but the darkness has not understood it’



26 thoughts on “#4 Crystal Wanjiru

  1. My lovely beautiful brilliant princess. You are a true blessing from God.I thank God for entrusting me with a gift such as you. May He lead you, guide you and see you through as you dream big. Love you always. Indeed the light shines in darkness and darkness cannot comprehend it.

  2. At 8 years and already shining bright. …you are such a star. Aunt Wajiji love you so much more than you can imagine! I bless and pray for you every day. Keep shining my Wadi, your future is secure in Christ!

  3. Drumbells to Crystal!!!! You are such an adoreable, beautiful and talented girl: you make us all proud of you!! Stay blessed as you are going places!!

  4. Crystal .. Clear, confident and rearing to go! I love this Princess….. May God keep lighting your path to greatness… Love you baby girl.

  5. Carol you have done the best job . Congratulations to Crystal God will continue blessing her all the days of her life.

  6. So inspiring coming from an eight year old! Proud of you Krys! And for Mama, you’ve done a great job at parenting, evidently.
    God’s blessings!

  7. Wow Crystal. We bless the Lord for you girl. Indeed you are marked for greatness. God bless your mum Carol too.

  8. WOW! Indeed Crystal you are an intelligent princess. Good job Carol. I’m proud of you guys! May Crystal grow to be ten times wiser than all her peers.

  9. This is awesome Crystal. You’re wise at your tender age, I know mama has nurtured you well. Proud of you Carol Wangunyu. Blessings upon you as you continue imparting values to Princess.

  10. A very confident little girl is Crystal. Very smart answers too. I should have paid attention to the radio on Saturday. She has a great Mum.

    God bless you Crystal. May you dwell in the shadow of the Almighty.

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