30 Pieces Of Silver

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30 pieces of silver must have been so appealing to Judas, he actually thought betraying Jesus for the pieces of silver would be worth. But in an expected twist after betraying Jesus, he was condemned by guilt and not only threw the silver into the sanctuary but also went and committed suicide. The same man who willingly went to the chief priests and the officers of the temple guard and discussed with them how he might betray Jesus, could not handle his dishonest gain, the very same reward of 30 pieces of silver became too heavy for him to live.

My question to you this morning is, ‘what is your price?’ what are you willing to sell Jesus out for? What does it take for you to betray Jesus?  How much would you accept to say no to holiness and righteousness? When Jesus told the disciples that one of them would betray him, it sounded unbelievable, how can they betray him after walking with him all this while, seen him heal the sick, feed the hungry, walk on water and even resurrect the dead? But there was one who did it: Judas. (Luke 22)

Many times we point fingers at Judas, forgetting that every time we put more importance to other things rather than God, we are trading Him as well. Just like Judas did, and even for less than 30 pieces of silver. Maybe you have traded Jesus for a movie, for a party, for a bottle of beer, for a ticket to a concert, for food, for a relationship, even for family. Think of that one thing that causes you to turn your back on Jesus. That which seems more appealing, it gives the falsehood that your life will be better, but after the trade, misery takes over. Dishonest gain will never be beneficial; in the same way, denying God will never lead us to greener pastures.

The 30 pieces of silver may be very appealing, but it will never quench the thirst and fill the emptiness that comes after. When all is said and done, Jesus is the real treasure.

Today I pray that the Lord will search our hearts; that we will never find a right time to do wrong. I pray that the Lord will take away the guilt in our hearts, the guilt that comes from past betrayals. The many times we have traded God’s love for instant sinful gratification. May our eyes be opened to see and know the importance of staying connected to the true vine, that we will not leave any door open for satan to come in.  May we have the wisdom not to trade God for anything because ultimately He is everything we need.


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  1. Lost of words. I needed this to help me get back to track. May the Lord Jesus help me never to trade you for anything not even for silver or gold or riches.
    Blessings Rawder, a great encouragement.

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