#3 Tamilla Waithera

Tamilla is enjoying her childhood, during her free time, she is out playing healthy games and making discoveries. She is 8 years old, and goes to Kiambu Christian School. She is the voice behind the ‘Treasure Hunt weather on Hope FM, so we interact a lot, but for today’s segment, I called her one Sunday afternoon and interrupted her cooking (making juice from flower petals) and asked my #Randm10QuestionsForTheUnder10 
1.Do you like going to church?
Tamilla: Yes, I love going to church because they teach me so much about God.
2. Have you ever lied to your mother?
Tamilla: Yes, sometimes I do something and to avoid getting in trouble I say its my brother who did it.
3. Who do you trust most?
Tamilla: My parents, I trust them because they always say the truth.
4. If God was to give you two things instantly, what would you ask for?
Tamilla: Forgiveness and long life, I want to be alive forever. 
5. If you were given 1 million shillings today, would you move out of your parents home?
Tamilla: No, I like staying with them, I will just stay with my money until it multiplies, then build a bigger house for my family.
6. Would you eat a snail for 100k?
Tamilla: No, even if it’s cooked well, I cannot eat a snail for any amount of money!
7. What are you looking forward to do when you grow up?
Tamilla: when i grow up, I will be a radio presenter, and a singer, thats what am looking forward to do.
8.Why do people get married?
Tamilla: Because they cannot talk to themselves, they need someone, to talk.
9. If this was the last day on earth, what would you eat as your last meal?
Tamilla: All kinds of food, I will eat all the food around me!
10. Whats your favourite memory verse?
Tamilla: Psalm 121 :1- 2 ‘I lift up my eyes to the mountains, where does my help come from? My help comes from the Lord,the Maker of heaven and earth.’


4 thoughts on “#3 Tamilla Waithera

  1. Tamila is on the right path and is blessed to have such an opportunity at her age. I pray that God will continue to direct her footsteps. Rawder – way to go gal! People are remembered for the people that they built never for the buildings that they put up e.g. Jesus Christ never put up a building, he built up 12 men that carried on His legacy and you are building a legacy through the Tamila.

  2. Love the honesty in your answers Tamilla. Your favorite verse holds truth in totallity and I pray that the Lord will make a path for your success as both an actor and radio presenter

  3. She is adorable. I love her simple honest answers. May God guide her through her journey to becoming big ?

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