#2 Chelsea Wambui Muhia

16833241_823158281168729_127345169_oOur princess this week is Chelsea Wambui Muhia who is in  class 3 at Laureate Academy. She is only seven but insists that she is almost 8. Confidence describes her, she is full of it. Dont ask her any question if you are not ready for a long answer! If you listen to Treasure Hunt, the children’s programme on hope FM, then she is the adorable voice behind the treasure hunt quote of the day.I had a moment with her one Sunday afternoon and threw in my #Random10QuestionsForTheUnder10

1.What one word describes you?

  Chelsea: I’m very Creative, in 2016 I created a ring with beads ad ribbon, all by myself.

2.  If you were given a million shillings today, what would you do with it? 

Chelsea: I would go around the world and give to the poor people and also feed the people in Turkana here in Kenya.

3. Which subject in school do you think will not help you in future? 

Chelsea: Kiswahili, because I want to speak English, even when i grow up, i want to speak good english, so Kiswahili will not help me a lot.

4. How many children should people have? 

Chelsea: only two, two children are not hard to handle. Three is too much. Work!

5. What is the best thing that has ever happened to you?  

Chelsea: The Hope TV launch last year, where I welcomed the CS with a banquet of flowers, it was so fun!

6. Why do people get married? 

Chelsea:To have children, to work together and get money and also to get a beautiful house.

7. What scares you most?  

Chelsea: Guns, because they kill people, and some people use them carelessly, it scares me.

8. What should children be allowed to do? 

Chelsea: children should be allowed to Play, to rest and also go to church

9. If you were a Sunday school teacher , what would you introduce to your class? 

Chelsea: we will be Watching some movies in Sunday school, good ones, the Bible movies, and then I will be reading the bible for the class

10. Please share with me your favourite Memory verse… 

Chelsea: Psalm 24 :1 ‘ The earth is the Lord’s and everything in it’



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