Finding Lydia

#TreasuredTruth #296Of366 #RawderKidulaKedaha I recently joined a Facebook group designed to bring women together, I knew the target of the group was not ‘religious women’ and it was also not after ‘marriage and family talks’ but for professional women. So every woman joining was introducing themselves and stating who they are and what they do. [...]

It makes sense to the owner

#TreasuredTruth #294Of366 #RawderKidulaKedaha For a long time I did not understand some paintings: Especially the ones done by great artists, the ones on display being sold at extremely high prices. I understand realistic art, where I can see someone’s face, a house, a home and nature. But when it comes to abstract painting, it is [...]

Not Even A Storm

#TreasuredTruth #293Of366 #RawderKidulaKedaha God had a message for the people of Nineveh: This one job was given to Jonah. He was to go preach the repentance message to the people, encouraging them to turn around and change their ways. Jonah decides to go on a ship heading to Tarshis; the wrong direction. Before they got [...]

If You Had Only Known

#TreasuredTruth #308Of366 #RawderKidulaKedaha The shortest verse in the Bible ‘Jesus Wept’ in John 11:35 is a common verse to many, revealing that Jesus sympathizes and feels our pain, he wept silently. Jesus weeps again during the triumphal entry, with all the loud praises and shouts of joy from the disciples and the crowds at Jerusalem, [...]

You Have Stayed Here Long Enough

#TreasuredTruth #307Of366 #RawderKidulaKedaha The children of Israel had already been given the promised land, but they stayed in the wilderness for forty years. This is because of their wayward thinking; they did not trust God even after years of witnessing His miracles.  Moses warned the new generation of Israelites against making the same mistakes that [...]

Unwholesome Talk

#TreasuredTruth #306Of366 #RawderKidulaKedaha Growing up there was an evident difference between people who are born again and those who were not. It was all in black and white; both in the physical appearance and also in the speech. When someone got born again on Sunday, it was expected that from Monday they would dress differently, [...]