Theory Vs Practicals

24/100 #SoWillI #Inspired High school was a roller coaster for me, it was so evident that I was majoring in extra curricular activities. When it came to my studies, well, as my teachers kept saying, I had potential. Only that I left with so much of it. Something that I really dreaded was the science [...]

One Thing

23/100 #SoWillI #Inspired Of all the birthdays in my household, my daughter’s is the most planned and thought about. Months before the date, she always starts reminding us of how her birthday is coming up. Gift suggestions will then be thrown in the middle of every conversation. Looking back at all her birthdays I'm amazed [...]

Your Father Might Be Bragging…

22/100 #SoWillI #Inspired Growing up my dad used to make us sing for visitors. It was something he enjoyed as a music teacher, something almost all f us did NOT enjoy. I think he overdid it, no wonder none of us pursued music. So, anyone who would come visit us, especially, relatives from the city, [...]

It Matters

21/100 #SoWillI #Inspired Once in a while I inbox social media bullies, just to hear their side of the story. I mean how can someone comment on someone's post with so much cruelty and unkindness. To make matters worse, this is a stranger you are attacking, they probably do not know you. I have noticed [...]

Nothing to be Ashamed of!

20/100 #SoWillI #Inspired Have you ever been ashamed? Probably yes. Many times our actions, associations or speech can cause us to be embarrassed. That feeling of shame and guilt can ruin one's esteem, it can make one avoid people and situations that caused or witnessed the action. This is the point I have to share [...]

From Experience…

19/100 #SoWillI #Inspired They say 'experience is the best teacher', and 'they' are right. Only that one needs to learn from other people's experiences and not go through the same pit expecting things to be different. Many times I have shared my life story with young girls especially is high schools. I have realized that [...]

The Enemy Called ‘Almost’

18/100 #SoWillI #Inspired I almost came in first, but this girl Jacky! She was always one point ahead. She was always super excellent, doing everything right. She toped the class the entire year while I came in second or third. I kept telling my dad that I almost did it: But came short with a [...]

Things are Thick!

17/100 #SoWillI #Inspired In the recent past I have had so many conversations with friends on social media. It is clear that we are living through hard times. Very hard times. There are families struggling to even have one meal a day. Many young people are struggling to secure jobs. The cost of living is [...]

Wrong Answer

16/100 #SoWillI #Inspired One funny story I remember from primary school happened during an exam. I know, its very hard to laugh at anything during kenyan exams because of the tension in the room. But one day we had fun during an exam although we still failed. Anyway, this is what happened. Typically a teacher [...]

I Don’t Remember…

15/100 #SoWillI #Inspired All of a sudden she wasn't my good friend anymore. I noticed that she was avoiding me every time we met. My calls were not being answered and my text messages were ignored as well. I was in a very busy season of my life so I had no time to fix [...]