Where do we throw the bones?

88/100 #SoWillI #Inspired I visited my sister the other day and we had chicken. Our goal was to clear the pans and plates because it was very delicious. My son was not left behind, he held on to a bone for sometime. Once we were done all the bones were collected and I asked, 'Where [...]

E for Effort

87/100 #SoWillI #Inspired Yesterday I woke up very early and started preparing for church; it was freezing cold and drizzling. Against all odds, my family was ready on time and we got there in good time. But it was still raining, since we fellowship under a tent, we kept moving from the rain and cold [...]

Its a Strategy!

86/100 #SoWillI #Inspired We are all waiting; everyday we have to wait for something. As a parent I have learnt that my children should not always instantly get what they want. It is actually impossible to give them everything they ask for instantly. Many times they have to wait, they have to wait for us [...]

What is Left

85/100 #SoWillI #Inspired We are almost ending the year, people are about to start posting their achievements of the year. Some will come in form of testimonies and others will just be show off. Whatever the case, this is the season. Once upon a time this season got to me, I couldn't stand all the [...]

Falling Forward

84/100 #SoWillI #Inspired You see that man or woman of God you really admire? That one who seems to be doing everything right? Yes, they are as imperfect as they come. They make mistakes just like you do, they sin, they disobey. But most of them don't stay down, they rise again and keep moving. [...]

Praise Works!

82/100 #SoWillI #Inspired What is the first thing you do when calamity strikes? When you receive bad news? When things literally fall apart? For me, at times I complain and throw myself a pity party. At times I vent to my friends and look for someone who will 'feel me' and affirm that I have [...]

Strong Network

81/100 #SoWillI #Inspired When one is on an important phone call, a network issue affecting the clarity of the conversation is what they dread. The festive season is here, many people travel to remote places in the country and always have to ‘look for network” when makin g phone calls. Some have to walk a [...]

Mind Your Business

80/100 #SoWillI #Inspired Do you get irritated when someone interrogates you about your personal life for no reason. Where are you going? Why are you going there? Are you still dating that lady? Why is your hair like that? What have you been doing? Why do you have only two kids? Do you plan to [...]

Gates and Doors

79/100 #SoWillI #Inspired Our gate is always closed; In fact when you visit I have to come and open it for you. If you cannot access me you have to explain to the guard where you are going and mention the house number. We are very careful on who comes in and what they come [...]